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1500m SWIM / 40K BIKE / 10K RUN
Course Description and Maps
Please review the maps before the race. It is each athlete’s responsibility to know the course and any potential hazards.

Swim Course

The swim corral will be located on Main Beach in front of the Boardwalk bandstand. Swimmers will start in waves, heading clockwise around the Wharf, making two right shoulder buoy turns at the end of the wharf, then swimming parallel to the wharf toward the Dream Inn (the big white building on shore) and exiting the water at Cowell Beach. From there, swimmers run up the walking ramp along the Dream Inn, run across the street and up a paved path under the trestle to the transition area. Volunteers will guide racers.

In the event of extreme fog delays, an alternate swim course that parallels Main Beach will be utilized.

*Note: there are two buoys at the end of the wharf that you must keep on your right shoulder. Go around the buoys or you may be disqualified. 

NEW Bike Course


  • Exit transition and head up Washington Street Extension, across train trestle onto West Cliff Drive

  • Right turn onto Bay Street

  • Left turn onto Laguna Street

  • Laguna Street turns into Delaware Avenue 

  • Continue on Delaware Avenue

  • Right on Natural Bridges Drive.

  • Right on Mission Street Extension and a quick Left on Western Drive

  • Left onto Highway 1 and ride out to Davenport

In Davenport:

  • Right on Davenport Avenue

  • Left on Marine View Avenue

  • Left on Ocean St. at the top of the hill on Marine View Avenue to return to Highway 1 (look for volunteers)

  • Left on Highway 1 all the way back to Santa Cruz

In return to Santa Cruz:

  • Right onto the Schaffer Road and a quick left onto Mission Street Extension (caution it is a quick left after a right hand turn)

  • Right ­onto Natural Bridges Drive

  • Right onto Swanton Boulevard which turns into West Cliff Drive

  • U-Turn at Swanton Blvd. and West Cliff Drive. 

  • Back up the residential side of Swanton Blvd. 

  • Right Turn onto Delaware Aven.

  • Right turn onto Santa Cruz Street

  • Left onto West Cliff Drive

  • Stay right of the cones at Bay Street to finish then veer left to go over the train trestle to head back to transition.

  • Watch for dismount area at the side of the transition area.

  • Go left into the transition area

Olympic for Guide.png

Run Course

The Run Out section from transition is on the path that goes under the train trestle. The run is along West Cliff Drive. The turnaround is about .2 miles before Delaware Ave. You will finish at the beach this year down at Cowell's. Run down the hill in front of the Dream Inn and go through the Cowell's parking lot and you will be guided onto the beach for an epic finish!

Note: The Swim In and the Run Out both follow the path at the back of the park and go under the train trestle, avoiding the street traffic on Pacific Avenue. The Bike In and Out go on the road overpass, above the train tracks.

Any course changes and details will be covered in the mandatory pre-race meeting on the main beach at Lifeguard Tower #3 at 7:45 a.m.

Olympic Run Map .png


The new transition area will be on the soccer fields at Depot Park. There is a zero-tolerance policy for eating and drinking while inside the fenced area on the turfed grass. Athletes are allowed to bring in nutrition but cannot eat or drink inside on the fields. If we see you eating or drinking on the fields, you will be disqualified. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Transition opens for the Olympic Triathlon at 6 a.m. and closes at 7:30 a.m. Athletes must be body-marked and have their numbered bracelet to enter and exit the Transition area. Athletes only. Transition closes promptly at 1pm. Maps of the new transition area to be posted soon! 

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