2017 Race

Check out the Foggy Bay Photos race images. Buy all your images for just $29.99!

2016 EventRace_Photo_2

Race photos by Foggy Bay Photos are available. Find them here!


2015 Event

Photos are posted!! Santa Cruz Triathlon 2015 photos are available to view and purchase. Buy all your digital photos for just $19.99 (bundle) or a single one for $9.99. You may also purchase lost photos for $3.99 each as these are not included in the bundle. If you find more than 5 of your lost photos send us an email and we will include them in a packet for $9.99. Find individual photos quickly by typing “Santa” above where it says ‘Find your Race’ and select “Santa Cruz Triathlon (Sept 27,2015)”.

Also check out this fabulous photo gallery from the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

2014 Event

You can access the 2014 Santa Cruz Triathlon race photos here.

For the second year in a row,  we decided to embark on an adventure and do the photography ourselves with the proceeds also going to the community. We put together a team of amateur photographers who have a passion for triathlon. Some of the photos are rough, some are great, and there are lots of them. PLUS – we priced these at a great discount to the usual race photography. Hopefully you will find a bunch of photos of yourself and your friends.

2013 Event

You can access the 2013 Santa Cruz Triathlon race photos at

2012 Event

The 2012 Santa Cruz Triathlon photos are available! Photographed by Brightroom Photography.