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Review the maps before the race. It is each athlete’s responsibility to know the course and any potential hazards. Download large PDF version.

For the 2013 Bike Course - the Long Marine Lab section at the end of Delaware has been deleted and instead the Mission Street Extension is added with a U-turn at the end of the street just before Swift Street. When you get to the end of Natural Bridges, turn right onto Mission St. Ext. and go all the way to end/U-turn and come back to Western, turning right then onto Hwy 1 North to Davenport. Coming back - instead of turning right towards Long Marine Lab (from Natural Bridges Blvd.), you'll turn left onto Delaware and head back to the transition area.

For the 2013 Run Course - the turnaround is about 50-100 yards before you get to Delaware (as you're running outbound on Swanton, by Natural Bridges State Park). So it's closer than in previous years and that's due to the change in the Run OUT section from transition on the path that goes under the train trestle.



SCTri_CourseMap2013 legs


NOTE: Any course changes and details will be covered in the mandatory pre-race meeting on the main beach at Lifeguard Tower #3 at 7:45 am.

If you have any questions you can contact us

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